Through a Sylvan Doorway (2012)

The latest Spiral Dance studio album, recorded in late-2011 at RixWorld and Red Dog Studios and mixed in early 2012 at Red Dog Studios with our own, marvelous Nick Carter at the controls

And to unashamedly misquote a famous band from the 80s, the conversation went something like this:
"Well guys, this album is getting a bit big, we're gonna have to ditch some tracks."
"Hey, Nick."
"Yes, Paul?"
"Let's make it a double."
"It'll be a pleasure!"

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Track Listing

Disc 1

1 The Sylvan Doorway (Piggott / Carter)
2 Fae Dance (Piggott)
3 Spirit of Albion / Wooden Box (Damh the Bard / James)
4 Asgard's Chase (Piggott)
5 Wyvern Rider's Tune Set (Gooding)
6 Gift of the Boinne (Hewett / Piggott / Carter)
7 Rise Up (Piggott)
8 Winter's Dreaming (Piggott)

Disc 2
9 Witch's Tree (Piggott)
10 Pocket Full of Time / Guardian's Dance (Piggott / Gooding)
11 Sing the Stones (Piggott)
12 Of Gods & Other Men / Red Haired Girl Tune Set (Jones / Trad)
13 Feet of Clay (Day)
14 Summer's Farewell / Bo Mhin Na Toitean / Idbury Hill (Hewett / Trad)
15 Step it out Mary (Trad)
16 An Dro Tune Set (Trad / Luff)

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