Land and Legend (2017)

Land and Legend Album Cover
The very latest studio album called 'Land and Legend' features eleven original songs and tunes. The album was launched in Glastonbury, UK in September 2017, then toured through the UK and USA before its Australian release in November 2017

All material was recorded, mixed and produced by Nick Carter at Red Dog Audio and mastered by Neville Clark at Disk Edits.  Cover design by Courtney Robb, featuring original art by Pierre Lemonnier and Sal Lavallee
Featuring additional vocals on two tracks by Damh the Bard
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Track Listing

1 Goddess of the Southern Land (Piggott)
2 Serpent Energy (Piggott)
3 Wicker Man / Landlord’s Daughter (Piggott / Gooding)
4 Song of the Trees (Piggott)
5 The Sheringham Mermaid / Bay of Soles (Piggott / Gooding)
6 The Children of Lir (Piggott)
7 Soul’s Gateway (Adamson)
8 King Orfeo (Traditional)
9 Dark Days and Heys / Tampered Twilight (Piggott / Gooding)
10 Elen of the Ways (Piggott)
11 Mallee My Mother (Wyverne Ogma Vyvyan)

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