Through a Sylvan Doorway (2012)

This Spiral Dance studio album was recorded in late-2011 at RixWorld and Red Dog Studios and mixed in early 2012 at Red Dog Studios with our own, marvelous Nick Carter at the controls
The album was officially released in mid-2012

And to unashamedly misquote a famous band from the 80s, the conversation went something like this:
"Well guys, this album is getting a bit big, we're gonna have to ditch some tracks."
"Hey, Nick."
"Yes, Paul?"
"Let's make it a double."
"It'll be a pleasure!"

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Track Listing

Disc 1

1 The Sylvan Doorway (Piggott / Carter)
2 Fae Dance (Piggott)
3 Spirit of Albion / Wooden Box (Damh the Bard / James)
4 Asgard's Chase (Piggott)
5 Wyvern Rider's Tune Set (Gooding)
6 Gift of the Boinne (Hewett / Piggott / Carter)
7 Rise Up (Piggott)
8 Winter's Dreaming (Piggott)

Disc 2
9 Witch's Tree (Piggott)
10 Pocket Full of Time / Guardian's Dance (Piggott / Gooding)
11 Sing the Stones (Piggott)
12 Of Gods & Other Men / Red Haired Girl Tune Set (Jones / Trad)
13 Feet of Clay (Day)
14 Summer's Farewell / Bo Mhin Na Toitean / Idbury Hill (Hewett / Trad)
15 Step it out Mary (Trad)
16 An Dro Tune Set (Trad / Luff)

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