Rick Kearsley


Photo by Adam Bolt

On his first day at school Rick got into trouble for tapping on his desk. Undeterred, his rhythmic persistence paid off when at the age of 11 his first gig was to play the kettle drum to march the kids into class.

Over the years, Rick has played and taught many genres. Rock, country, blues, pop, jazz, and folk, but his dominant passion is Folk/Rock. This has seen him work, both arranging and in the studio, with award winning songwriters and composers such as Chris Henderson, Dave Lucas and Peter Zajax. He has performed in countless bands and toured both in Australia and overseas.

A huge Jethro Tull fan and Folk/Rock nutter, Rick naturally jumped at the chance to play with Spiral Dance, joining the line up in 2006. After taking a year out in 2014, he's back!

Rick’s two favorite drummers are Barriemore Barlow (Jethro Tull) and Rick’s own son, David (an awesome drummer!).

Now 40 years on from that very first gig, Rick still manages to get into trouble for tapping on the dinner table!

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