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L I V E    S T R E A M I N G    G I G S
Below are links to our live streaming gigs
It's free to view but we put out our Busker’s Hat, it’s not required but every little helps us when we can’t play any concerts for you:


First FB Live Streaming Concert
"Not" The English Ale FB Live Streaming Concert
Spiral Dance Virtual Winter Solstice Concert
Wheaty Live (10/07/2020) - Part 1
Wheaty Live (10/07/2020) - Part 2
Live from The Red Stage - Semaphore Workers Club
The "Live Inside" FB Live Streaming Gig
Summer Solstice with Spiral Dance Live Streaming Concert
Let's Get The Community Back Together Gig - Part 1
Let's Get The Community Back Together Gig - Part 2
Imbolc/Lughnasadh Around the World - Live Streaming Gig

S P I R A L   D A N C E   G I G   D A T E S
Dates for 2021 will be coming soon!
Gig dates are added as they are confirmed
Go to our Gig Guide for full details of all Spiral Dance concerts

L A T E S T   N E W S
For our Brazilian and Portuguese friends, we were interviewed for a Brazilian alternative magazine Corpo Eletrico
Thank you to Ormando for including Spiral Dance in this edition of the magazine
Click HERE to go to our interview

Spiral Dance T-shirts, Hoodies & Goodies
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We have released a video clip on YouTube that features our track "Wicker Man" and images from The English Ale Festival in the Adelaide Hills
CLICK HERE to see the video

On Sunday 14th May 2017 Spiral Dance finished the last tracks of recording for their forthcoming album!
By the beginning of July 2017 all tracks had been mixed and had other production stuff completed by Nick
The magick art of Mastering was superbly handled by Neville at Disk Edits and the CD went off for duplication
The album is called 'Land & Legend' and features eleven original songs and tunes, with artwork compiled by Courtney Robb
The album was first released in Glastonbury, UK in September 2017 at the first gig of our Land and Legend tour through the UK and USA
The official Australian launch of the album was held on 19th November 2017 at The Wakefield Hotel
To order your copy of Land and Legend directly from the band, CLICK HERE and hit the "ADD TO CART" Button

Rainforest Trust Certificate
Click on the image below for a larger version
Rainforest Trust Certificate
With thanks to you wonderful fans that bought The Green Album, Spiral Dance has saved 246 acres of rainforest!!
So far, a total 5862 acres of Balanga Forest Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been saved by The Green Album sales...but we need MORE!
Please buy more of these CDs to save yet more habitat
Album available from our CDs and Merchandise page

The Spiral Dance Songbook (Book of Songs - Volume 1), first published in 2009 and long out of print, is now available as a PDF!
Click Here for all the details

THE GREEN ALBUM was officially launched in Australia on 25th June 2016 at the Spiral Dance Winter Solstice Party in Adelaide, a month after the USA launch and World Premier at Caldera Festival

THE GREEN ALBUM featuring Spiral Dance and 13 other pagan artists from around the World was officially released at Caldera Festival in Georgia, USA on Saturday 28th May 2016!

The CD is available from our CDs and Merchandise page
The album is also available as digital download from HERE

It has recently come to our attention that some of our music has been taken by person(s), made into MP3 files with the song title, author and other metadata changed, and passed off as their own.

While we're delighted to think that our music is considered good enough for person(s) to wish that they had written and recorded it themselves, it is theft!

Our creations in the form of lyrics, melodies and musical arrangements are very personal expressions of love and emotion and often contain the very essence of the writer’s heart and soul; taking someone else's art could be considered the equivalent of stealing their children.

All our music is registered with the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) and recordings are copyright protected with Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Limited (AMCOS). Please treat our music with respect, contact us if you'd like to use any of our material within your own project and register its use with Performance Rights Organisations in your own country (APRA within Australia, PRS for Music in the UK; BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC in the USA etc).

With love and respect.

Spiral Dance

Spiral Dance was asked to be part of a collaboration with Tuatha Dea and many other pagan artists Worldwide to contribute a brand new song to The Green Album
Tuatha Dea and Nightsong Studios present...

THE GREEN ALBUM is a collaborative concept album featuring:
Tuatha Dea
Wendy Elizabeth Rule
SJ Tucker
Sharon Knight
Winter Jp Sichelschmidt
Celia Farran
Bekah Kelso
Ginger Doss
Damh the Bard
Kellianna Girouard
Spiral Dance
Spiral Rhythm
Murphey's Midnight Rounders
Brian Henke
Mama Gina LaMonte
It's a musical plan of action. An Independent musical compilation created by a consortium of like minded Muses, Musicians and Songbirds from all over uniting as a global Tribe to raise awareness, celebrate and give something back to Mother Earth! All these amazing artists will be offering one gift of song, either NEW or never before released specifically for this Album, and themed toward the universal concept of "Green"!!! All of the Artists have banned together and partial proceeds from every Album sold by the collaborators will be donated to Rainforest Trust, a Global Green Charity doing amazing work around the world! The Album is currently in the making and is set to be released and available for the first time during Caldera Fest in Georgia, May 2016! More details to be revealed soon! "Like", "Share", "Tag" and check in regularly as we will be updating you about this Magical, musical collaboration as it develops!
THE GREEN ALBUM and all the artists on this compilation project are proud and honoured to announce our association and partnership with this wonderful organization!!!! 25% of all (That's ALL 14 artists) sales proceeds from this project will be donated to:
The Rainforest Trust
This amazing group so profoundly echos the sentiments of this project and has been putting them into action for 27 years! PLEASE spread the word and get involved! It's easy! Just Share, Tag, Invite, Like and help us through music do what we can to celebrate and care for our planet!

Spiral Dance was interviewed during their recent UK Tour by the gorgeous Ruth and Gary Colcombe for their Celtic Myth Podshow

The interview will include some of our music and should be broadcast towards the end of 2014 (UK Samhain)

S P I R A L   D A N C E   M U S I C

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Our song 'Wickerman', inspired by The English Ale festival held in May in the Adelaide Hills, is now available for download directly from us, or from Bandcamp
Click on the artwork above for more details

Through a Sylvan Doorway is now available from all good sources including iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, or direct from us!

Through a Sylvan Doorway was released on 15th July 2012
It is a double album and features many new and original songs and tunes, plus a few favourites from the band's live repertoire that have never been previously recorded
Visit our CDs and Merchandise pages for more details

A B O U T   U S

The band was formed in 1992 as a project to explore some of the more mystical elements in life and has drawn its energy from the songwriting and vocal skills of Adrienne Piggott:

"Having grown up surrounded by magic and a love of legends, I longed to put these feelings into song. I believe we all have an affinity with the magical elements of our existance and the songs are written to invoke these emotions from within. These impressions need not be left in our childhood."


Adrienne's haunting lyrics are supported by intoxicating guitar riffs and groovy accordion lines, underpinned with potent bass and dynamic percussion, all carefully arranged to blend acoustic folk-rock with lush Celtic harmony, creating an almost tangible musical aura that envelopes the audience

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